How To Recover Disabled Fb Account 2020

Why Your Account Was Disabled

Our Facebook account the disabled mostly because of sharing, posting, and sending links of youtube, WhatsApp Groups and as well as links of Fb groups and page es,
  • when we try to make the new Facebook account it’s become disable again because we mostly give a number for verification in a new account which we gave in last disabled account that’s why Facebook again disable us.
  • Another reason for disabling, again and again, is this Facebook blocked our IP address and device if we make a new account so it’s will disable again because of our same IP address detect again.
  • No doubt Facebook make these rules because they wanna their users will not face any type of innapropriate problems or issues and it’s a good thing, but in these rules many innocent peoples also targeted.
  • I will suggest Facebook is just a wasting of our precious time or nothing and we also know that our data is not safe if we sign up Facebook if we read all terms and condition in which facebook tell us they use our every type of data so why we using facebook.
  • No doubt people are addicted to facebook. In this world those people who are famous like celebrities sportsman and those who are successful in this world like BillGates Jeff Bezoz and even Mark Zuckerberg they not use Facebook because they know if they start using FB so they will not run their business successfully.
  • We need to do work Hard in the technology world and try to make a new App and Website who will more better than Facebook.
What’s Needs For Account Recovery
    1. Your Government Issued Card or Other Identity Card’s.
    2. Your Name On Facebook Must Be Matched With Identity Card.
    3. Your Date Of Birth On Fb And On Id Card Must Be Same. 
Follow These Steps To Reactivate Your Account
    1. Go to and log in to your disabled account.
    2. After that Click on Help Center.

    3. Then You Will See this page.
    4. Click on Contact Us.

    5. After that,this page will appear.
    6. Now here Submit Your Government Issued ID Card,School Card,Employe Card Etc.
    7. In additional Info Section,type the following text:
    Sir,Your security system has mistakenly removed my account without any reason. I can prove it. I am sending my ID card details to verify that I am the real person and not using anyone’s identity. I think this information is enough for reactivating  my account. 
    Now please reactivate it as soon as possible.Thanks for your help.
    8. Click On Send Button And Your First Process Is Completed.
    9. Now Open This Link In Your Puffin Browser.That’s Given Below :
    10. After Opening This Link In Your Browser.This Page Will Be Appear On Your Screen.
    11. Fill This Form With Your Email Address,Name,Id Card,Etc And Click On Send Button.
    12. Please Repeat Step No.11 For 5 To 9 Times.These Repeating Steps Are Very Important Please Don’t Miss.
    13. Now Wait at least 5 Days and your account will be reactivated if your account is original.