How to Download Movies? 3 Best HD Movie Download Sites

Do you want the latest Bollywood or Hollywood HD Movies? If Yes then Today I am going to tell you about the websites from where you can download free online movies in HD Quality easily.

I am going to tell you about the 3 best websites to download HD movies and the best thing is that you can download movies from these websites free of cost there is no subscription, login or anything is required.

3 Best HD Movie Download Sites | Download HD Movies – Watch Online Movies

When it comes to download movies you want best movie download website from where you can download movies as fast as possible because most of people use android phone and they use 3G or 4G Internet.

Do You want know? about the Best Free Movie Download Apps for Android | Watch Online Movies

1- Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix is best website to watch online movies and popcornflix is owned by Screen Media Ventures. Do you know what is the best thing that Popcornflix is a free website to download and watch online movies. Popcornflix has a large verity of content and you can see list of action, comedy, drama, documentaries, family, horror, romance films.


The interface is very user friendly and you can see popular movies at the top. Popcornflix helps you watch movies on your computer, or smartphone. Popcornflix is completely free and there is no paid subscription is required you can just go website and start watching movies online. Go and hit the play button to watch hd online movies.

2- Hotstar

Do you want access to thousands of free movies in your language then hotstar is the right website for you to download hd movies for free and you can also download Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies for free.

hotstar download online movies

The User Interface is also very simple and you can see the popular movies at first and find the movie that you want and download hd movies. If you want to watch movies online then this is the best website.

3- The Internet Archive Movies

Old is Gold The Internet Archive Movies is the oldest website on the internet from where you can download hd movies and watch online movies. The best thing is that it is also a free platform to download free hd movies online.

The Internet Archive offers a variety of categories uploaded by archive users for free. It includes full length movies as well as cartoons.

The Internet Archive movies,
The Internet Archive Movies

It support different file formats and you can download hd movies in different formats which is amazing. The Motive of Internet Archive is that they want to collect all type of data in different date and times so that they have archives of different websites

Bonus 9kmovies

9kmovies is the best website to download movies and also it is a popular website to download hd movies. 9kmovies provide you a list of thousands of hd movies and you can download online movies as well as download hd movies.

9kmovies, download hd movies

The fact is that the original 9kmovies site is no more and when you search on Google about 9kmovies you may find similar site with similar name but the original 9kmovies site was removed due to copyright and the website change its domain again and again but it is hard to find and some resources locate that 9kmovies has been removed.

Why 9kmovies removed? because the site violet polices that was the reason and why I discussed this 9kmovies site in the list at first because you should know that this site is no more available and should not waste your time in finding this site if you get any information about this website.

There are some other sites that were very popular but does not exist:

Tamilrockers: is a website to download and watch hd movies but unfortunately it does not exist and tamilrocker is removed due to copyright and piracy of movies and also mp4moviez.

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