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The Android app is becoming the most popular day by day, so why is the world’s third largest mobile user in terms of mobile operating system and the majority of people today are more like Android mobile than the other mobile operating system. So today, the company making mobile apps mostly make Android mobile apps. It’s easy to install Android (Android app) in mobile.

Download Blue Stacks

But if you have to install this mobile app in your computer or laptop system, then how can you do this by using a lot of people installing the Android mobile app on your PC (pc) So if we want to do our (computer),You can run and install the mobile app in any way, you can install the Android app in your computer system and run it. The Android Mobile app is run only on the Android operating system. If you install Directly in your PC then this app will not be installed because your computer and (laptop) Operating System), you will need a software for this named Bluestack Software with the help of this software, you can easily install the Android app in your computer system and run You can do that if you can install and run apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Mobile Games.

How to run an Android app in a computer

 1 : Download BlueStack Software Download BlueStack Software Install in computer Open software Click install now


To run the Android app on your computer, first you have to download blue stacks software in your computer system, click on it below to download and download it, then install the software on your computer.

Click Here To Download Blue Stacks
Link 1
Link 3
2. Enter the Gmail ID and password

  .Select language english and click on arrow
.Click continue now
.Enter your Gmail ID and password and click on the arrow.
.Now click ok for the term and condition
.Now write your name and click on the arrow

After download blue stacks, you will open it, it will ask you to choose the language first, then you have to choose English (United States). Then you have to click on the arrow and then click on continue again. After this you can get the Gmail ID and password You will be able to read this post if you do not have a Gmail ID if you have it on your phone.
How to create a Gmail ID In this step you have been told step by step how to create an email, after entering the Gmail ID and password, you will now have a term and condition show, then you have to click OK, after which you have to enter your name, whatever you After that click on the arrow.Download Blue Stacks

3. Now search the name of the app and install it.
. Search the name of the app in the search box
Now Click And Install


Now that you have to download the Android app, search the search box after that if you install the mobile app you want to download, install it, click install and open the app on your Android app. Or laptop system, so in this way you can easily install the Android app in your computer laptop system.Download Blue Stacks

System Requirements.
. 2GB | 4GB Ram
. 32/bit or 64/bit Both Supported
. 1GB System Storage

Note : If You Wan’t More Fast Speed Of This Software.Then You Need 1Gb Graphic Card.Thank you


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