3 Best Music Apps for Android Free – Stream and Listen New Music

We All Love to Listen music. Almost 80% of the people use android phone to stream music. Finding music is now very easy and you can easily find any song using some apps. There are thousands even millions of apps for music streaming but all these apps are not the best music apps for android to stream music.

However there are some app which fall in the category of best music streaming apps because these apps stream music on android without any loading even if you are using 3G or 4G. These Music Apps also have a lot of features. Lets have look on these Apps.

Pandora Music – Streaming Music, Radio and Podcasts

Pandora Radio is a very popular music app for android. Pandora gives you a personalized listening experience. Create Stations from your favorite songs using Pandora Music App. You can search and browse stations for your mood or activity from this app.

Pandora Music - Streaming Music
Pandora Music App

The Best thing about Pandora Music is that you also have access to your favorite artists and podcasts and you can personalize the music and stations you want to listen. There is a huge list of music and the content library has a verity of songs.

Spotify: Listen to new music, podcasts and songs

Spotify is the best music streaming app for android and also the best free music app. Spotify has Millions of subscribers and there are a large number of songs and music. Spotify is Big dog in the streaming industry.

Spotify: Listen to new music, podcasts and songs
Spotify: Listen to new music

The Best Thing about Spotify music app is that you can create your own stations and playlists. Also there are more that 40 million songs in Spotify and every popular, new song is available. Discover New Music albums and podcasts using the app. Search for your favorite song, artist by using spottily. You can also share your own Spotify playlist.

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SoundCloud: Listen and Create Music

Sound Cloud is the best streaming app for android but it is not just a streaming app or a music app. Using SoundCloud you stream music and there is an open global community for anyone to upload any music or song. Discover millions of emerging and established artists using this app.

SoundCloud: Listen and Create Music

The Best thing about sound cloud is that it does not only focus on popular songs but if you upload a song in it or by any artist then that song is also discovered and listed in playback. SoundCloud also has a variety of content including songs, podcasts and much more.

YouTube Music: Stream Songs & Music Videos

YouTube is the most popular platform for listening and streaming music and every one use YouTube. There are millions of creators on YouTube. The Content is Unlimited on YouTube. Now Using YouTube Music App you can stream songs and music videos.

YouTube Music: Stream Songs & Music Videos
YouTube Music

The Best Thing about YouTube is that it is free and you can search any song on YouTube and hopefully every song is available on YouTube. You can also create a YouTube Channel and Upload Music and Songs if you want. YouTube Now has a separate app called YouTube Music for streaming and Listing music app.

These are the best music apps for android to stream music and listen music for free. All these apps have a large verity of songs. But I have

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A Big Question for You?

What is the best music app? what did you think which one is the best music streaming app for android. Is it in List or any other app. Leave your Comment with your favorite music app.

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