3 Best Weather Apps for Android | Today Weather | Accuweather | Weather Underground

The best Weather App for Android is very important because we daily go for work and also we travel from on place to another place. We Should know that what is the weather today.

There was a time that we daily see the news paper and we can read about the upcoming weather updates. But thanks to the Smart Phone now we can see the current weather updates and we can also see weather forecast today in just one app. But to see the weather today we should also know :

The best weather app for android and you can see weather forecast today with more accuracy

To see weather forecast and daily weather updates we need best weather apps for android. The first weather app that I am going to discuss is

1- Today Weather – Widget, Weather Forecast

Today Weather is the best app to see daily weather updates and the best thing is that it is a free weather app having very beautiful user interface. Accuweather provide the most accurate local weather forecast.

Today Weather get data from National Weather Service and many other high authority sites that is why it is very accurate. This is a free weather app for android and you can download Today Weather from Google Play Store.

Today weather see the weather today
Today Weather – see weather today

The Today Weather app has the following features that is why it is the best weather forecast app to see local weather updates.

Today Weather Features:

  • Enjoy reliable and accurate weather forecasting
  • Easy to view weather information
  • 24/7 weather forecast
  • Catch the beautiful moments of sunrise, sunset
  • Alerts for Strong Wind, Heavy Rain
  • A weather radar is used to locate precipitation
  • Rain and snow alarm
  • Daily weather Updates

2- Accuweather: Weather forecast news & live radar (See weather forecast today)

Accuweather is a very popular weather app. Accuweather is a very powerful weather app and when it comes to accuracy then Accuweather is the right app. You can see weather forecast today more accurately.

Accuweather is the best weather app and very accurate weather app because it provide minute by minute updates of weather. It also provide a real time weather radar to see the current weather updates also the upcoming weather fluctuations.

The best thing about Accuweather app is its minute by minute updates updates. it is a unique feature that Accuweather had unlike other apps that provide weather forecast today. Moreover Accuweather is a free app and you can download from Google Play Store.

Accuweather app
Accuweather – see weather today

Accuweather is the best weather app for android for daily weather updates more accurately with minute by minute updates and having following features.

Accuweather Features:

  • Accurate weather forecasts
  • Accuweather radar
  • Severe weather warnings that keep you safe
  • Today Weather with more detail
  • Local forecasts when you’re at home or worldwide
  •  Live weather 24/7
  • Minute Cast the minute bu minute weather updates

3- Weather Underground: Local Weather Maps & Forecast

Weather Underground is also a powerful weather app to see daily weather updates even with more accuracy. Discover truly accurate weather with real time and local weather updates.

The best thing about weather underground is that the weather underground is so accurate because it takes weather data from over 250,000 personal weather stations which is a huge number.

Weather underground is also a free weather app and you can see daily weather updates in weather underground and live radar maps and severe weather alerts as well. You can download Weather Underground from Google Play Store.

Weather Underground: Local Weather Maps & Forecast
Weather Underground

Weather underground is also the best weather app for android having all the necessary features to provide daily weather updates more accurately.

Features of Weather Underground

  • Local weather conditions current weather conditions from your local, personal weather station
  • Most detailed local weather data
  • Weather alerts in case of storm or heavy rain
  • Geographical data and discover more information
  • Set your app with light & dark modes


We have discussed 3 best weather apps for android all these apps are very popular. These apps Provide the best possible accurate data. These are the best apps to see weather forecast I hope that you have chosen you desired app.

I am curious to know which weather app you use to see daily weather updates?


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